Letter from the Founders

It is a delight to celebrate becoming the first Montessori Primary Programme in Greater China to receive accreditation from the International Montessori Council. We are grateful to efforts of the IMC and to our wonderful school community, which has enabled this. As we look back on the past 14 years of working together to create this unique dual language schooling opportunity in Hong Kong, we are so happy to see the reality that has unfolded around us. The families that have joined the IMS community reflect the cultural diversity of Hong Kong, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to watch these charmers grow and achieve their independence.

Our IMC accreditation demonstrates the important role IMS holds in the Montessori world: IMS is one of the largest Montessori schools in the world, and, as a pioneer in dual-language Montessori environments in English and Putonghua, IMS is also now one of the leading bilingual Montessori schools in the world. Our growth has raised awareness of Montessori in Hong Kong and provided the opportunity for Hong Kong children to benefit from a Montessori education, leading to an even greater demand for Montessori education for children.

The IMS community mirrors the rich cultural diversity of Hong Kong. With over 40 different nationalities represented, IMS is truly the “United Nations” of international schools. This experience of other peoples and cultures in every aspect of school life helps each IMS student gain a global perspective built on daily interactions. Our goal is to assist our children in becoming the transforming element in their future societies worldwide. Contact us to see how your family can benefit from the Montessori curriculum.

Warm Regards,

Anne Sawyer and Karin Ann

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