Even 5 years after having left IMS, I am still grateful how well it prepared me for learning Chinese.  When I hear about others’ late primary school years, I also feel very fortunate to have been part of the accepting and non-judging learning environment I enjoyed at IMS.

—Kameka Herbst, Alumna

IMS has always ensured that all students are prepared for a smooth transition to the best secondary schools in Hong Kong and overseas, many of which conduct the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, for which IMS students are particularly well-suited given the common emphasis on self-directed, enquiry-based learning. IMS has worked with IMS families in secondary school choice and applications, and has successfully placed 100% of IMS students into their school of choice. Due to the strength of our Chinese Programme, IMS graduates are particularly sought after by schools with strong Chinese programmes, such as Chinese International School. Secondary schools in Hong Kong and throughout the world value the core strengths of IMS students, including their independence, intellectual curiosity, strong language skills in both English and Putonghua, self-regulation, and commitment to social progress.

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