Parent Community

Year after year, we witness the contributions that our parent community has made to the school and the wonderful impact volunteers have on our staff and children. Parents contribute to IMS in so many ways, with their time, effort and also generosity.

Furthermore, IMS recognizes the deep engagement of parent volunteers and its importance to our community. Over 260 parent volunteers gave precious personal time to support daily volunteer needs such as library and class parent duties, or take on leadership roles to spearhead parent-based efforts such as the Memory Book and the children’s CAS projects. We have been honoured to cooperate closely with the four members of the PTA Executive Committee, who have worked tirelessly and dedicated much time, energy, and wisdom to build and support IMS’ community.

The value of your support to the IMS community is incalculable and deeply appreciated. We would like to acknowledge and thank each one of you, for your time, energy, thoughts and resources, and look forward to another year of close cooperation ahead!

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