Casa Dei Bambini Programme

“The environment of the Casa dei Bambini Programme is precisely designed to meet my son’s needs. He’s drawn toward learning – it’s opened up the entire world for him. It’s so exciting to watch your child unfold.”
– Montessori Parent


Younger children possess a remarkable ability to absorb the world that surrounds them. Maria Montessori believed that the years from birth to 6 are the most critical period for nurturing a child’s natural curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development. The goals of the IMS Casa dei Bambini programme are to foster independence and to support children in moving toward a mastery of self and the environment.

The classrooms are prepared Montessori environments designed to encourage children to discover the world. Interest-based activities encourage children to develop a love of learning and trust in their own ability to find the answers to their questions.

Fundamental to Montessori theory is the multi-age environment. Each IMS Casa dei Bambini classroom includes children aged 3 to 6. Three-year-olds typically attend the half-day programme, and 4 to 5 year olds attend a special full-day programme designed for children who are discovering reading and writing as they prepare for the challenges of the Montessori Primary Years Programme.

Each dual language classroom has at most 25 children with two teachers. In every classroom, one teacher is an English speaker, and one is a Putonghua speaker. Chinese culture and language are introduced using Montessori methods by a native Putonghua-speaking teacher and presented in an immersive language environment.

A vital component of the Montessori environment is the 3-hour work cycle, during which children choose their own work, complete it, return it to its proper place in the classroom, and then move on to choose another piece of work.

Children arrive and settle into their classrooms.

Children work independently, in small groups, and with their teachers in the classroom.

*Children may also take turns exiting the classroom between work to visit the library or engage in special Art or Music lessons.

**Twice a week, children will enjoy PE lessons with their homeroom teachers in the indoor play space of their respective campus.

Children gather for Circle Time with their homeroom teachers.

*Circle Time occasionally features birthday celebrations, parent or guest visits, or group preparations for upcoming classroom events and performances.

Children in the half-day Program leave school, and full-day students enjoy lunch in their classrooms.

Work cycle is repeated, with a special emphasis on advanced work in literacy and numeracy.

Children gather for a last time as a class and prepare to leave for the day.

For more information on the Montessori work cycle in Casa dei Bambini classrooms, please see our Parent Education page here.

Children work individually and in small groups, learning from and sharing with one another and the teacher. The classrooms incorporate the best of Eastern and Western cultures. The programme includes practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, cultural and social activities. Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss each child’s development are held twice a year. Teachers also communicate frequently with parents via regular IMS communication channels. Read more about the details of our Casa dei Bambini Programme below.

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