Nature & Outdoor Education

Primary students enjoy trips into the wider world of Hong Kong as part of their Outdoor Education. IMS, with the support of the specialist organisation A-Team Edventures Limited provide a catered experience depending on age. Students in  Lower Primary are taken to one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands for a fun day of outdoor activities, games, exploration and learning. Upper Primary students are given the opportunity for greater independence with a two-night camping trip to one of Hong Kong’s Country Parks. The Outdoor Education programme provides students with ideal opportunities to come together as a student community, expand their learning skills beyond the classroom, and enjoy the beautiful natural world just outside of our urban-centered life.

The campus garden forms an important part of the Primary Years child’s experience, as they learn when to grow different vegetables and flowers from seeds to seedlings, then harvest their crops, and finally even cook and eat them too! In addition to connecting with nature and nurturing living organisms, gardening also provides opportunities for studying parts of seeds, flowers and plants, how soil, water and sunshine interact, how insects play a role, how photosynthesis works and how much work is required to achieve a full cycle of harvest. Tending to their vegetable plot is an ongoing process, as the children learn to independently apply fertiliser, sow seeds, remove competing weeds, add water, harvest their crop, and prepare it for the table. They have ownership and responsibility of the garden as well as the food and flowers produced in them. The experience enables children to develop lifelong habits and attitudes about creating a sustainable future for themselves.

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