Learning Support

IMS encourages multiculturalism and inclusion of children from a broad variety of backgrounds, cultures and abilities, as this diversity maximises learning for all children in the Montessori environment.

IMS provides a highly individualised curriculum which may be helpful to children with additional learning needs. Depending upon the individual needs of the student, IMS does have limited ability to provide some student learning support, however care is given in admissions to ensure that the dual language Montessori environment is supportive of each child’s learning needs within the context of the classroom, and the needs of the other children.

Learning Support at the Montessori Primary Years level is targeted towards providing scaffolding to emerging readers and to students whose native language is not English who are entering Hong Kong from other countries and/or school systems. IMS provides limited individual student support to students with other learning difficulties, where there is a good fit between the needs of the student and IMS, where overall, the contribution of the student to the diversity of the classroom are positive.

IMS has the obligation to assure all parents that we can maximise the development benefits for each child. IMS will accept children with learning difficulties into a classroom so long as we can ensure that our staff can provide the best option for the child with special needs, and the other children in the classroom as well. In many cases, additional support by a Montessori teacher or an assistant is required for some period of time in order to assist the child in meeting his or her full potential in the Montessori environment, and these supported places are limited. For children with additional learning needs, IMS requires a therapist or psycho-educational evaluation to assist in the application process.

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