Student Life

IMS students enjoy a vibrant, well-rounded school program that transcends the merely academic. Sports, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Community Service events are all important elements to school life at IMS. After all, school is not only about classes and lessons, it is a second home for your child, where he or she spends most of the day and establishes some of their most meaningful relationships with friends and teachers.
Life at IMS encompasses many different aspects and projects, and IMS Montessori students are not only strong in math and science but are also caring individuals who engage with their community and environment. At IMS we try to round out the academic curriculum with that meet each child’s unique potential and help the child become a more complete and fulfilled person.

From Performing and Visual Arts, to Music and Sports, to Community Service, IMS students enjoy an assortment of extracurricular opportunities that allow them to engage with their community, both within and without IMS, and pursue their interests and passions.

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