Visual and Music Arts

The Visual Arts and Music are an excellent example of the way in which learning is integrated across all subjects in both the Casa dei Bambini and Primary Programme, as children learn to express their artistic inclinations as an organic aspect of the normal learning process. We highlight the role of the global citizen by celebrating and interacting with different aspects of cultures around the globe in order to widen a student’s understanding of the world.

In the Primary Programme, where Art and Music are presented as separate subjects, there is continuous communication between the Art and Music classrooms and the regular Montessori homeroom where children carry out many projects. The Art and Music teachers also meet regularly with the Montessori Curriculum Director to coordinate learning themes with the larger curriculum. During dedicated class time for art, students work on fine art projects. The goal at IMS is visual and aural literacy, where the children are able to talk about and interact with art. We use the elements and principles of art and design as a vehicle to explore the world and its many countries and cultures. For example, when students are learning about Africa, the Art teachers will present on African painters or artistic movement, and the Music teacher might introduce African songs, composers, or instruments to students.

Moreover, each class at IMS, from the youngest Foundation classes to the Upper Primary, collaborates with their parents and teacher once a year to create a special class work for auction at the IMS Artstravaganza event held each Spring. The Artstravaganza artworks are large-scale projects that take several months of planning and preparation to execute. Every student participates in the creation of this artwork. Past projects have included hand-sewn quilts, Pop Art paintings, pieces of furniture, jewellery, sculptures, and Chinese calligraphy.

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