Mobile Triggers

Silent Auction

Sad You Can't Join Us?

Worry not! You can bid for one of the wonderful Silent Auction items with your mobile phone, even if you won’t be able to join the event! The Silent Auction includes both an array of exciting prizes generously donated by parents, as well as a series of School-related Experiences that children can enjoy together with IMS teachers or by using IMS facilities.

Stay tuned here for details on our Silent Auction.

1. By Smartphone

2. By Concierge & iPad

Auction Details

Don’t forget to bid in one of our IMS experiences, from the long awaited Principal for the Day, to hike with some of our beloved teachers, this is a fantastic way to create long lasting memories for your child and practice their Mandarin skills.

Pre-event registration and bids are accepted from 8:30 am of Friday, March 17 throughout the event on Saturday, March 18 until 9:30 pm. To register for the IMS Silent Auction, we will have lots of volunteers throughout the event to guide you!