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Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Tuition covers most of the basic needs of any school, but there are always many things in the Wishing Well. The Wishing well supplements academic and co-curricular programme development, and school infrastructure and supplies. These items help make the enrichment programmes, student materials, science&sport equipment, and technology possible for our children. The items are determined through collaborative brainstorming amongst our curriculum leaders, principal and School Founders. Parents will also have a chance to purchase specific items from our “Wishing Well” that the School or Teachers wish to have.

Thank you for supporting our 2018 Wishing Well !

Last Acaddemic year (2018) we managed to fund 34 of the 35 items that were requested at the Wishing Well! Our deepest appreciation that we would like to share the results of our School’s one and only annual fundraiser, Artstravaganza.