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Henry Lo


羅寶鴻老師從事幼兒教育事業至今,已將近20年經驗,並在台灣北 、中、南等地區舉行過上百場演講、家長講座、及師資訓練課程。 最近,老師更利用臉書進行『羅寶鴻老師:蒙特梭利教育理論FB線 上直播』,希望透過網路突破家長無法現場參加的障礙,將蒙特梭 利教育傳播給更多家長,幫助更多家庭。 ”For the Love of the Child” – 是羅老師的座右銘;老師期許透過這些分 享能幫助更多成人瞭解孩子,聽到孩子內心的聲音,看到孩子真正的色采,讓孩子都能擁有自己的一片天。


  • Epoch Casa 誼寶蒙特梭利親子教室 創辦人
  • Uncle Henry English Tutor 安可美語 創辦人
  • AMI國際蒙特梭利協會 國際師資培訓課程 翻譯講師
  • AMI國際蒙特梭利協會 0-3歲、3-6歲國際認證導師
  • 新北市 福樂蒙特梭利雙語幼兒園 教學顧問
  • 台北市 娃娃家蒙特梭利幼兒園 教學顧問
  • 新竹市 私立蒙特梭利幼兒園 教師指導顧問
  • 中華民國蒙特梭利教師協會 師訓講師
  • 新北市國際兒童教育協會 師訓講師
  • Uncle Henry English Tutor美語師資培訓師
  • 新竹市 私立同信幼兒園 園長
  • 新竹市 福曼莎幼兒園 園長  新竹市文化中心 美語講師
  • 美國TVB USA電視台 節目主播
  • 美國Musician’s Institute 音樂系畢業
  • 美國南加州大學 (USC) 工商管理系畢業
  • 聖若瑟書院


  • 蒙特梭利專家親授!教孩子學規矩一點也不難


Mr. Henry Lo has laid his career in child education for 20 years. He gave speeches and participated in more than a hundred of parental lectures and teacher training courses in Taiwan.

Recently, Mr. Lo opened a live broadcast on Facebook, sharing his views on the topic "Montessori Educational Theory". His mission is to transmit the Montessori Education message to more parents, especially the parents who are unable to participate in his previous lectures. Henry would like to help as many families as he can.

"For the Love of the Child" is the motto of Henry. He wants to make more parents know, understand and respect their children. Furthermore, Henry also wants the parents to see the potential of their children and what they can achieve.


  • Founder of Epoch Casa Montessori Parent-child Classroom
  • Founder of Uncle Henry English Tutor
  • Translating Lecturer of AMI International Teacher Training Course
  • AMI 0-3 & 3-6 Tutor
  • Teaching Consultant of New Taipei City Island Children's Montessori House, Taipei City Baby's Home Montessori House, Hsinchu City Private Montessori House
  • Principal of Hsinchu City Tongxin Kindergarten and Fumansha Kindergarten
  • English Speaker of Cultural Affairs Bureau Hsinchu City
  • USA TVB Host
  • Graduated from the Musician’s Institute (major: Music)
  • Graduated from the University of Southern California (major: Business Administration)
  • St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong


  • Directed by Montessori's expert! Teach your children easily