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Karin Ann


蒙特梭利國際學校 (IMS) 校長及學校創辦人之一。安白麗生於一個雙語家庭,是一位土生土長的香港人。 她的祖父著作了一系列有關學習中國文字的書籍,故安白麗在很早期便對教育深感興趣。她畢業於拔萃女書院後,便前往美國史丹福大學修讀工程經濟學,擁有該學系的學士及碩士學位。與此同時, 她亦獲得香港幼兒教育註冊老師的資格。

於2001年,她和蘇安儀 (Anne Sawyer) 一起創立了蒙特梭利國際學校,並以蒙特梭利教育中的多感官和互動理念為基礎,創立了獨一無二的中文課程。時至今日,蒙特梭利國際學校已被視為世界蒙特梭利雙語課程的先驅。



Karin Ann is IMS’ Co-Founder and Principal. She is a native of Hong Kong who grew up in a bilingual Eurasian family with a strong educational bent: her grandfather wrote a series of books about learning Chinese characters. As a result, Karin had an interest in education from an early age.

In 2001 she and Anne Sawyer co-founded IMS and began introducing children to the Chinese language using the multi-sensory Montessori approach to learning. IMS is now considered one of the world’s leading Montessori bilingual programs for kindergarten and primary children.

Prior to establishing IMS, Karin was Vice President at Deutsche Bank, in charge of risk management and capital financing for companies in the Greater China region.

Karin holds Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University. She is also Registered Teacher for Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong. A TEDx speaker, she has been also awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the American Chamber of Commerce in 2015. In 2017 she was awarded Women of Influence by Jessica Magazine.