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Ralph Yau


香港蒙特梭利研究及發展學會創會人,美國蒙特梭利協會(AMS) 教師教育中心總監及培訓師、0-3歲及3-6歲教師,香港兒童無限學校創辦人,保良局幼稚園蒙特梭利顧問,報章雜誌教育專欄作家,前中、小學教師及電視新聞記者主播。亞洲蒙特梭利聯合會創始成員,2017年在香港主辦該會國際會議,並先後於四個亞洲地區舉行的會議中擔任嘉賓講者。又為香港大學、香港教育大學、香港浸會大學和中港澳多個機構演講。邱振明擁有十多年幼兒、家長和教師教育的經驗,堅持知行合一,指導成人之餘親力親為引導兒童成長。


  • 美國蒙特梭利協會 :《零至無限:「在香港及大中華推展蒙特梭利家長教育」》 香港教育學院宗教教育與心靈教育中心年刊:「生命教育實踐」
  • 兒童無限論文集:「香港:生活教育還是生病教育」
  • 教育專欄作家:am730、信報、灼見名家、Ohpama網站、學前教育雜誌


Mr. Yau is the Founder of HKMRDA, Director and Teacher Trainer of AMS Teacher Education Programme.

An AMS Certified Teacher (Ages 0-3 & 3-6), he founded and supervises both Infinity Children's World and Infinity Montessori Academy. He participates pro-bono as a Montessori education advisor for Po Leung Kuk Affiliated Kindergartens, and contributes as a newspaper and magazine writer. As a founding member of Montessori Asia (MA), he organised a MA Conference in Hong Kong in 2017, and participated as a Guest Speaker in four other MA Conferences.

In addition, he conducted various speeches for The University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and organisations in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. With nearly 15 years teaching experience of children, parents, and teachers,

Mr. Yau insists on the vital role of implementing knowledge together with action to guide children and adults to learn.


  • AMS Montessori Life: “From Zero to Infinity: Montessori Parent Education in Hong Kong and Greater China
  • The annual brochure of the Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education, EDUHK: 'Life Education Practice'
  • Infinity Children Column: Hong Kong: Life Education or Morbid Education?
  • Contributor of am730, Master Insight, Hong Kong Economic Journal and Ohpama