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Keynote: Ms. Kitty Bravo & Mr. Michael Dorer

Kitty Bravo:

Montessori, A Hope and a Promise, the transformational potential of the Montessori experience, for adults, children, and the world.

Montessori, A Hope and a Promise: The transformational potential of the Montessori experience, for adults, children, and the world. Our goal as educators, Heads of Schools, and parents is to be both practical and inspirational; exploring how the Montessori experience transforms lives at many levels and thus transforms the world. My talk will discuss what role education plays in preparing children for a healthy and successful life in the future. To do so it must also provide a healthy life for them in the present. So then, how do we prepare them? Teaching facts and passing tests is not the priority. To provide them with hope and promise for themselves and the world, we must inspire a passion for life and leaning, the ability to be flexible, so that they might grow and change with the times. We'll see some real examples relating what happens in Montessori classrooms to the development of human potential and will share some stories of how Montessori is providing hope and promise around the world.


As an international Montessori consultant and teacher educator, Ms. Bravo has had an opportunity to experience Montessori from a variety of perspectives. She has worked with newly establishing schools, large and small private schools, as well as working with Montessori public magnet and charter Montessori schools.

Ms. Bravo is committed to providing support to teachers, schools and families as they strive to develop positive environments for children. She is passionate about preserving the legacy of Maria Montessori and believes strongly in Montessori’s mission of transforming society through our children.

To this end, Ms. Bravo has made teacher education her primary professional focus. She is an IMC Board Member and currently serves as the Chair of the IMC Teacher Education Committee.

Ms. Bravo is the Director of Education for the Centre for Guided Montessori Studies, which offers an innovative approach to teacher education with a blend of internet based distance learning and traditional face-to face Montessori training. In addition to her professional work in Montessori, Ms. Bravo has been a Montessori parent and is now a Montessori Grandmother.

Michael Dorer:

The Place Just Right."Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free…"

Montessori philosophy is infused with gifts, we receive them, we give them and we express gratitude for them. What are the simple gifts of humanity that make us human? The gifts of life around us? and the gifts of our children? How should we receive them and pass them on? This giving and receiving exalts our spirits and informs our shared humanity. Join in this celebration of gifts that exemplify the core values of Montessori.

Michael is a Montessori teacher educator, consultant, speaker, author, and storyteller. Michael has nearly fifty years of Montessori experience with Primary (Children’s House), elementary and adult Montessori education.


Michael began his Montessori career in public Montessori aimed at children in poverty. He has gone on to work in a variety of settings, including both public and independent schools, as well as at the college and university level.

Michael’s broad background includes Bachelors and Masters degrees in education as well as Specialist and Doctoral degrees in Instructional Leadership. He is public-school licensed in elementary education, nursery school, and Kindergarten. His Montessori credentials include a 3-6 and 6-9 Diploma from AMS and a 6-12 AMI elementary diploma earned in Bergamo, Italy.

Michael has also spent more than 25 years working with Montessori adults, as a teacher trainer, consultant, and presenter. His focus has been on Montessori theory, elementary level arithmetic and geometry, curriculum, classroom management and leadership, Great Lessons, higher order thinking, functions of words, and more. He is especially renowned for his work in lesson planning, record keeping, and management, and also in storytelling.

Storytelling is a particular specialty for Michael. He frequently presents, speaks, and consults on classroom storytelling, offers artist in residence opportunities to schools, and trains teachers in using storytelling in Montessori settings. He is the author of The Deep Well of Time: The Transformative Power of Classroom Storytelling, the definitive book on stories in Montessori.

Today, Michael continues to work with schools and Montessori organizations around the world. His knowledge of Montessori, his special insight, and focus on school and professional improvement put Michael in demand by Montessorians everywhere.

Areas of Expertise

  • Curriculum
  • Spiritual Preparation of the Teachers
  • Cosmic Education