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Our Alumni

Portrait of the IMS Graduate

As we watch our graduates discuss what they have experienced and learned at IMS, we are so proud to have been able to participate in this unique education. Our graduates have the confidence, competence and ability to gain mastery over their own worlds.

IMS is dedicated to assisting children in the process of becoming the next generation of leaders who are well-educated, self-actualised individuals, committed to and capable of contributing to the betterment of the world.

I’m thrilled that IMS continues to be a place where children can flourish and are encouraged to understand just how much they can achieve. The 20th anniversary logo really celebrates the spirit and values of Montessori, because IMS kids were behind it. To me, this logo symbolises the value of truly nurturing children’s amazing potential; only when children are given the opportunity can they ever rise to the occasion.”IMS Alum

IMS Alumni - Join Our Facebook Group now

The children who started their Montessori education journey in IMS' early years are now graduating from university!

Join our IMS Alumni Facebook Group to connect with your fellow peers and IMS students of all times.  We will also be announcing events in the group for you to get connected with people you know and don’t know.  Here’s our next event - IMS Alumni Virtual Global online party, the date and time to be announced soon!