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Our Students

The child is the reason we are all here!

The International Montessori School was founded by a group of parents for our own children. Our commitment is to continue to provide each child and family who enters the school with the same experience of authentic Montessori, to support each unique child on this incredible journey.

We started IMS with 68 children in 2002. Today we have a community of almost 900 children from countries all over the world. The opportunity to grow up in Hong Kong within this diverse, yet highly supportive community gives the child a broad perspective of others, which is the essence of global understanding. “He is like me!” is an understanding that lays the foundations for strong, positive relationships. The opportunities for this lesson at IMS are endless: our children are multicultural and multilingual, often with parents and grandparents with different languages and cultures!

The Portrait of the IMS Graduate

Growing up in a Montessori environment makes all the difference for the child. IMS children are kind. IMS children have high a emotional intelligence, a broad knowledge base, wonderful problem-solving skills, are independent, and have a passion for excellence in everything they do: they are competitive with themselves - they want to exceed their own personal best. They are articulate and thoughtful.

The Montessori method cultivates a passion for excellence for everything children do in the classroom, in their community, in nature, and the world. They develop a strong moral compass, which include self-respect, respect for others, integrity, responsibility,, compassion, peacefulness,, and a love of their community. They develop an informed and tolerant perspective of the world, and ability to communicate in English and Chinese to allow participation in the world. Finally, children have a lifelong commitment to give back through service to others.

IMS Graduates are the kind of students who are warmly welcomed in future educational settings because they know how to contribute in a real sense.

It is our joy and privilege to accompany the child on this journey towards independence, and to watch them as they go forward into the world to make a meaningful life for themselves. We hope to keep them around in Hong Kong, where their strong Chinese skills will ensure they get jobs!