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IMS creates an innovative, Dual-Language Montessori community that fosters the full development of each child



Montessori Creativity-Action-Service (CAS) Programme

Montessori children are encouraged to constantly evaluate their role and place in society, as well as explore connections and relationships between situations, events, and people. IMS’ goal is to nurture children with a strong moral compass and to create an environment that respects, understands, and values diversity, where each child learns how he or she can make a difference in the world.

Practical Life activities in the Montessori Elementary Curriculum include planning Going Out activities which connect classroom learning with experiential learning which one or more students may have encountered, and bring to a small group to explore and plan.

Each person wants to make a difference, to help others, and to make the world a better place, and Montessori Elementary student-directed projects give each student at IMS the channel to accomplish these goals. Opportunities to learn through experience allow each student to work with a group of others, collaborating, planning, and being guided by a teacher to determine what questions might need to be asked when attempting a first “cold call” to a museum curator, or to a farmer, or an architect, coach or other professional. The opportunity to develop real life skills, understanding how each person can share gifts and talents, learning more sophisticated project management skills, working in a team and building consensus, and evaluating what could have been done better, in a safe, guided, process is one of the key gifts of the Montessori Elementary programme.

At the Upper Elementary level, the guiding philosophy behind the Montessori CAS Programme at IMS is to counterbalance academic self-absorption, encourage students to share their energies and talents, and develop an awareness of, concern for, and ability to work with others.

IMS Upper Elementary Students have initiated a wide range of projects, including organising a Second-Hand sale, a Beach Cleanup; raising awareness about the Ivory Trade, World Earth Week through a photo exposition, as well as visits to elderly homes; fundraising for the Cancer Fund, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, and Angels for Orphans; art projects such as creating a school mural and teaching origami to Casa students; organizing Fun Fairs and Neon Dances.

Current Projects

Amazon Class is tackling the global issue of reduce, reuse, recycle. They have divided into three groups. One to set up whole school composting, another group to make recycled paper from all the waste paper in the classroom, and one tackling waste plastic.

Nile Class is reporting school news. They want to share school news with students and parents so they have a better understanding of what’s going on in their school. They have already created an October newsletter and are currently looking at a January newsletter. Students are also thinking about creating video news podcasts.

Indus Class has launched an initiative to spread awareness about the threats posed to Hong Kong sea life
. They want to help promote the preservation of sea life through advocacy and have created a website to do so. They are currently considering other ways to spread the word about why and how you can help save the sea life.

Euphrates is fundraising to support ‘feed the Cebu children’ charity. Students are running 3 events (bake sale, spring sale and treasure hunt) to raise money for the development of a restaurant that will cater for children who don’t have access to food and water in this region. Many opportunities for the students to be involved in the creation and implementation of the restaurant.

Tiber is rehoming and repurposing unwanted items. Students are running 3 events (school dance, games day and a gift exchange) to gather unwanted and unused items that can be donated to the charity ‘Po Leung Kuk Orphanage’ and support their work with caring for and educating children in their orphanages.