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Information Technology

At IMS Information Technology is more than just learning how to operate a computer. We teach our students how to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and data organizers. Through online touch typing programmes students not only learn proper posture and finger placement, they also learn technological operations and problem solving skills; accidental keystrokes and mouse clicks result in unwanted outcomes that the students must work through.

In their second year of IT students begin coding. Coding challenges them throughout their elementary years to be good critical thinkers and innovators along with improving a variety of other skills. The fundamentals of coding are also absorbed by the elementary mind as students design and implement algorithms to achieve desired outcomes. Our IT programme builds up fundamental IT skills as well as broader and more transferable skills such as collaboration, creativity and information fluency. Skills required for upper elementary IT where students begin to tackle real world problems through a digital lens. Digital citizenship is stressed throughout IT, but in Upper Elementary students are lead to think of it more closely, as this is the time when students are becoming more social on digital platforms. Staying safe online and knowing how to be a good digital citizen are key skills in today’s digital landscape.

Upper elementary students are also introduced to robotics; here they will hone their coding skills along with their ability to problem solve, think critically, innovate and much much more.