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IMS creates an innovative, Dual-Language Montessori community that fosters the full development of each child


Learning in Nature

Elementary students also enjoy trips into the wider world of Hong Kong as part of their Outdoor Education. Camp is an important element of social, physical and educational experiential learning as well, which begins in the Elementary Years. IMS, with the support of the specialist organisation A-Team Edventures Limited provide a catered experience

The IMS Camp experience starts as a day camp and moves into an overnight experience as the child gets older. Students in Lower Elementary are taken to one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands for a day of outdoor activities, games, exploration and learning. Upper Elementary students are given the opportunity for greater independence with a two-night camping trip to one of Hong Kong’s Country Parks. The Outdoor Education programme provides students with ideal opportunities to come together as a student community, expand their outdoor learning skills, and enjoy Hong Kong’s natural riches which offer a world of beauty just outside of our urban-centered life.