There is no limit to what we can accomplish for our children when our community of teachers, leadership, alumni, parents and students come together
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Our Families ​

The vibrancy and warmth our families share is a fundamental aspect of the nurturing, child-centered environment that IMS provides for every student. We have over 600 families from countries all over the world.

Parent volunteers have supported and enabled IMS’ incredible development over the years, much of which has been driven by the efforts of the IMS Parent-Teacher Association. Get involved!

Our Families’ Perspectives

“I don’t remember ever feeling that I loved my teachers or loved to learn when I was a kid at school. But this is what our kids say repeatedly, so the school is definitely doing something right!”

“Being part of IMS has changed my approach to parenting. I have learned not to explain the WHYs and the HOWs, but allow my girls to assess situations, and as a result, they have become analytical and self-motivated.”

“Both our children love going to school. It’s such a delight to witness the excitement to learn, achieve a goal and grow. It does feel they are on the right track to become lifelong learners, which is the best I can wish for them.”

“We chose IMS because of its strong Chinese programme. Due to the Chinese heritage of our children, learning Mandarin was essential to our family. Seeing our children’s enthusiasm when going to school is a rewarding experience.”

“The multi-age classroom has sparked our eldest to lead by example at home with the twins. It’s amazing to see how our kids transform and build confidence in their communication (English and Mandarin) and independence from IMS!”

“We love IMS as it’s a positive, thriving, engaging educational experience. We’re constantly learning to be better, wiser, kinder people and IMS is the perfect breeding ground for all the ‘life skills we need.”

Our Team

From the very foundation of IMS, every single member of staff has been carefully chosen to ensure that each child experiences the same opportunity to grow and develop into their own best self, naturally. We know that Montessori isn’t simply a method of education. It is a philosophy of life, and one where those preparing the environment must truly believe that the child can be guided to make increasingly complex choices and decisions which are critical at each step on their own journey of discovery, moving step by step towards independence, from birth to adulthood.

We are each committed to creating a collaborative learning community which is deeply rooted in respect and kindness, where learning and discovery and becoming our best self is part of what we do every day.

Our Team’s Perspectives

“The IMS community is vibrant and diverse, with curious and eager children, supportive parents and passionate coworkers. It has been a great place to pursue Montessori and to explore Hong Kong and Asia!”

“IMS has experienced an inspiring level of growth, energized by a desire for Dual-Language immersion in a truly child-centred environment. It is amazing to come to work each day knowing that your only job is to do good things for children.”

“Working in Stanley campus is a great way to connect with yourself. It is located in the coastal area where you can easily get to the beach and the mountain. Nature is the greatest inspiration to see the beauty in the world. The school provides a calm and lovely green environment to let teacher see the beauty in each student. I am very lucky to work here.”



“Everyone in IMS community is valued for their diverse backgrounds, experience, knowledge, interests and accomplishments.”

「在IMS的大家庭裡,我們互相學習, 共同分享, 一起進步。」

Our Students

The child is the reason we are all here!

IMS Graduate’s Video Celebrates “Then & Now: 20 Years of IMS”

From 68 children in 2002 IMS has grown to a community of almost 900 children from countries all over the world. The opportunity to grow up in Hong Kong within this diverse, yet highly supportive community gives the child a broad perspective of others, which lays the foundations for strong, positive relationships. The opportunities for this lesson at IMS are endless: our children are multicultural and multilingual, often with parents and grandparents with different languages and cultures!

Our Alumni

Growing up in a Montessori environment makes all the difference for the child. IMS children are kind. IMS children have high emotional intelligence, a broad knowledge base, wonderful problem-solving skills, are independent, and have a passion for excellence in everything they do: they are competitive with themselves – they want to exceed their own personal best. Articulate and thoughtful, they have a passion for excellence for everything they do in their community, in nature, and the world. They develop a strong moral compass, and a lifelong commitment to give back through service to others.

IMS Graduates are the kind of students who are warmly welcomed in future educational settings because they know how to contribute in a real sense.

Join our IMS Alumni Facebook Group to connect with your fellow peers and IMS students of all times. We will also be announcing events in the group for you to get connected with people you know and don’t know. Here’s our next event – IMS Alumni Virtual Global online party, the date and time to be announced soon!

Full Video - Hear from Our Graduates

I’m thrilled that IMS continues to be a place where children can flourish and are encouraged to understand just how much they can achieve.


Our Alumni’s Perspective

“IMS education is built on the affirmation that students’ questions are valid, and that they are more than capable of figuring out answers to those questions.”

“The atmosphere to me is very special. The whole focus is on cultivating a love for learning”

“IMS gave me this drive to study that other places don’t have, I am so invested in my own projects.”

“Things that we learned in science here I still applied in year 10. My new school taught us certain lessons and I would think, “I remember that from IMS!”

“Being in IMS was actually one of the happiest times I had in school and I realized is that it has more parallels with real life than any other environment.”

“Within the past 3 years at IMS I grew more confident, more involved, I worked hard and made friends. I grew confident because I was given the opportunity to practice my strengths.”

I’m thrilled that IMS continues to be a place where children can flourish and are encouraged to understand just how much they can achieve.

-IMS Alum-

IMS Highlights

We believe that children are naturally born with the inner directive to meet their own needs and to learn. Our goal at IMS is to embrace this innate drive by providing optimal learning opportunities from an outing run by our older students to dumpling preparation by the little ones. Learning happens everywhere at IMS!

IMS in the Olympics: Beijing 2022

IMS’ First Olympian!
Bravo to #IMS Alum Audrey King for representing HK today in the Women’s Slalom at the Winter Olympics! We are so proud of you Audrey, and are inspired by your hard work and passion!
We took a trip down memory lane, and found what Audrey said as a 3 year old in the IMS Memory Book 2005-06 – she wasn’t too far off!
Way to go, Audrey!

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Photo Source: Television Broadcasts Limited

Online Learning: Foundation Fruit Salad Day

Our Foundation children are making fruit salad today! We are using this at home learning time to engage in some wonderful food prep activities. It is crucial for children to manipulate food using real child-size utensils, which are easy to hold and control. When children are learning about how their bodies and hands work, real tools give them precise feedback, whereas toys may not. Cooking activities are broken down into individual steps allowing the child to repeat, practise, and gain mastery over their hands and experience the pride of independence.

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Gong Xi Gong Xi! 恭喜恭喜

Gong Xi Gong Xi! 恭喜恭喜!IMS wishes you a healthy and prosperous Year of the Tiger!We look forward to welcoming all our children back to school soon!

祝大家新年快樂! 身體健康! 虎年行大運! 等著你回來!

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