"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."
Maria Montessori

Logo Design Process

As we always do, we started with the children. In May 2022, we challenged invited the Upper Elementary students to participate in a design project to create a 20th Anniversary Logo to celebrate this special year; and gave them a two-week deadline to present their ideas to a panel of judges. 

Stage 1: Presentation to the Upper Elementary Students

Anna Sawyer shared IMS’ humble beginnings, the many times we’ve moved, how much we have grown, and the many challenges we have faced. The students enjoyed seeing pictures from long ago of many of their teachers! Ms. Anne described how our school logo was created by one of the School’s founding parents, and how our values and “who we are” were symbolised in the IMS logo to help the children consider what we needed from a new Anniversary logo. The students were then challenged to help us develop a new Logo for our 20th Anniversary year that embodied:

1. What does IMS mean to you?

2. What do you like most about IMS?

3. How do we include IMS’ core values in the 20th Anniversary logo?

Stage 2: Student Presentations to IMS Leaders

The Upper elementary students rose to the occasion. Despite being given a tight, 2-week, we were delighted and also excited to see that there were over 20 Logo design teams waiting to present their ideas! It was delightful to see how confident the students were in their presentations, the thoroughness of the exploration of their ideas, including research into other schools’ anniversary logos! As usual, we learned more from the children than they learn from us.

Stage 3: Selection Process and Final Design

During the summer break for the students’, the panel got busy reviewing each of the student’s design concepts, and looking for a design that would represent IMS’ core values, integrate the children’s input and embody the elements of the 20th Anniversary celebrations. There were so many wonderful ideas that we couldn’t choose just one! Instead, we challenged our designer to incorporate all of the ideas we saw and particularly loved. Here is how it all began.

…The 20th anniversary logo really celebrates the spirit and values of Montessori, because IMS kids were behind it. To me, this logo symbolises the value of truly nurturing children’s amazing potential; only when children are given the opportunity can they ever rise to the occasion.

-IMS Alumni-