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Building Healthy Eating Habits

Mealtimes are easier with Montessori

The Montessori approach attempts to set the child for success early, and may be different from what we experienced as children! We do this by building healthy habits from the start. Mealtimes are an important, daily family occasion, where great attention is paid to creating a beautiful but functional setting, in allowing the child to participate in preparing the meal, and as often as possible sharing mealtimes with the family. Mealtimes are more enjoyable when the child is part of the process. Choose your special family daily mealtime together and protect it as much as possible; it could be breakfast or dinner. We begin to include our baby in the family meal so that they learn the social meaning of food for interaction and human company. The key starting place is always to establish consistent expectations, and supporting the child's independence.

An important part of the adult's role is to lay the foundations for the toddler's relationship with food, positive attitude toward food and for healthy eating habits. When parents and other caregivers find themselves feeding their toddler, chasing after them with food, bribing them to eat, or they need to be constantly distracted by something else to eat, it's time to reassess the situation!

Guidelines to make mealtimes easier


Matthew Sneyd & Jennifer Yu talk with parents about Surviving & Thriving with your preschooler during the global pandemic in a 4-part Workshop series.

Workshop series.

• 03:10   Understand the needs of your preschooler
• 05:19   Take advantage of your home to maximise learning
• 06:24   Learning through doing
• 26:55   Activities that will keep your preschooler entertained
• 27:46   How to cope with cabin fever

Setting up little ones for success in daily Routines:
• 02:33  Bedtime
• 18:08 Healthy Eating
• 34:34 Learning to use the Toilet

Infusing everyday activities with language that expands vocabulary growth, curiosity and cognitive development:
• 01:04 Using language to set your child up with a positive, proactive growth mindset
• 07:53 The importance of reading to your little one as a predictor of outcomes

• 02:23 Toddlers and preschoolers are compelled to touch and grasp everything around them, and are almost always on the move
• 09:30 How do parents safely and constructively support this necessary part of development?