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"Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core."

Maria Montessori

A Day in the Life

* Please note the below full day schedule is for reference only. The daily schedule for the IMS Casa dei Bambini programme will vary depending on the campus. Please call your related campus for up to date schedule.

8:15-11:15 : Children arrive, take off shoes, wash hands, greet teachers and settle into the classroom for an uninterrupted cycle of work. Learn more about this...

Morning 3-hour work cycle: children work independently in a specially prepared environment, using materials which have been introduced individually to the child by one of the teachers, repeating for satisfaction and mastery. Younger children are typically introduced to a new lesson during the morning cycle by both the English speaking teacher and the Chinese speaking teacher. Cooking activities may occur regularly during this cycle.

11:15-11:45 : Group activity such as Circle Time, P.E., Music & Movement, or Birthday Celebration

11:45 : Younger children pack their belongings and tidy their cubbies. Line up for dismissal by bus or for pick-up. After school activities for younger children begins.

Older children prepare for lunch and the afternoon work cycle.

11:45-12:15 : Lunch is eaten together as a community. Conversation is in English or Chinese depending on which teacher joins the children. After lunch the children tidy away their lunches, wipe the tables and sweep the floor to reset for the afternoon work cycle.

12:15-2:45 : Afternoon Work Cycle

Children continue to move freely and choose their materials and work space. As children begin to enter the more social stage of the Elementary Years they will be more inclined to work in groups and will often engage in longer and more in-depth projects during this afternoon cycle. Lessons and presentations continue in both English and Chinese throughout the afternoon.

2:45 : Children tidy the classroom, organise the shelves and replenish stationary for the following morning. They change their shoes, tidy their cubbies and line up for bus or pick-up, or extra-curricular activities just as Art, Judo, Gymnastics offered on the campus.

3:15 : End of the school day.



Montessori children moved significantly more than conventionally schooled children.

Pate et. al. (2014)

More on the Montessori Work Cycle

The Montessori work period is an uninterrupted block of time in which children work at their own pace in the developmentally appropriate, prepared Montessori environment, guided by highly trained Montessori teachers.

How can I see more?

Great videos showing trained Montessori teachers can help parents understand how the Montessori (Elementary) classroom works can be found at montessoriguide.org.