Mobile Triggers

"Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core."

Maria Montessori


Complementing and enriching class work in arts, technology, strategic thinking and sports.

IMS offer students a diverse assortment of co-curricular activities that inspire participants to develop new skills, discover and nurture individual interests and talents while fostering new social networks and friendships.

Learning through the extra-curricular activities is a valuable and enriching aspect of growing up, helping students to develop resilience, adaptability, self-confidence and a sense of identity.

The programme operates across our Casa, Elementary and Middle School programmes, offering activities for every student on campus and varying according to the season and year. Faculty and certified external instructors lead activities.

The activities programme has three areas: Arts, Clubs and Academic.

Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Art
  • Jazz Dance (Beginner & Advanced)
  • Choir
  • Violin
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre


  • Gymnastics (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Judo
  • Running Club
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Sailing


  • Coding
  • Science Adventures
  • Mission Runway
  • Robocode-Coding
  • Chess

Come Sail Away!

Tucked away between Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay rest Middle Island, home to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC). For the last four years RHKYC and IMS have worked together to educate and inspire budding sailors. Last year we were excited to add an intermediate class to the program as we had several returning sailors that had advanced through the beginner levels. Again this year we are offering both beginner and intermediate sailing classes.

Sailing is more than just letting the wind carry you forward. Our sailors learn a variety of skills and values that they will use throughout their lives. Problem solving, teamwork, patience, persistence, and grace and courtesy are just some of those values that are required to be a successful sailor.

At the beginner level sailors learn knots, terminology, rigging, steering, and how to determine where the best wind is blowing in from. At the intermediate level the students are solo sailing; they do everything from rigging, to sailing, to derigging the boat all by themselves.