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"Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core."

Maria Montessori

Summer Fun Programme

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and so is IMS’ Summer Fun Programme! We are once again offering exciting choices in either English or Mandarin, with each session lasting 2 weeks. Children from 3 to 6 will have a choice of Theme-Based Montessori Programmes at both our Mid-Levels and Stanley campuses, so come and explore the Circle of Life or the extremes of the Desert and Glacier! For older children from 5 to 9, we have an enticing line-up of new topics to explore together in Stanley, alongside our staple offering of Montessori Read and Write, Montessori Mathematics, and the ever popular Sports Programme. Check out our new programmes like MakerSpace Explorers and Reader’s Theatre!

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The programme will be held at these two convenient locations:

  • Mid-Levels Campus (Age 3-6)
  • Stanley Campus (Age 3-9)

Summer Fun Programme for 3-6 years old

(For 5-9 years old, see more options available at our Stanley Campus)

Summer Fun Programme for 5-9 years old

In addition to our staple of Montessori Read & Write (in English or Mandarin), Montessori Mathematics (in English) and Sports (in English), we also have the following exciting new programmes in each 2-week sessions. Come for half the day or combine programmes to create a full-day experience for your child!



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