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IMS creates an innovative, Dual-Language Montessori community that fosters the full development of each child


What Will You Find In an IMS Montessori Environment?

We believe that children are naturally born with the inner directive to meet their own needs and to learn. Our goal as Montessori educators is to embrace this innate drive by providing optimal learning environments for our bright, engaged, and inquisitive students. Regardless of developmental stage, the opportunity to choose your own activity, to move and work freely within the ground rules, and to work for long blocks of time without interruption are fundamental elements of learning the Montessori way.

Montessori is Intrinsically Motivating

Children learn more and invest themselves more deeply in their work when they are able to make choices. This leads them to complete work to the best of their abilities, not because they were told to learn, but because they wanted to. The children also learn that their choices really matter. The Montessori teacher is highly invested in finding the key to motivate each individual child to help unlock their potential.

Motivation is integral to every aspect of the Montessori environment. Freedom to choose for themselves allows children to discover their own needs, interests and abilities. Children learn they can succeed!

Montessori is Developmentally Appropriate

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that as a child gets older, they move into distinct new stages of development, and so learn differently as they grow. This brain development is influenced by experience. Younger children learn by actively engaging with hands-on materials, while older children are engaged by stories. The Montessori environment nurtures children in each stage of their development by catering to their changing needs.

This unique approach embraces children’s curiosity and allows them to learn in a natural way through exploration, experimentation, and collaboration.

Montessori is Social

The highly social atmosphere of the Montessori environment stems from a unique combination of freedom and structure founded on mutual trust. The very young child quickly learns self-control: choosing materials, where to work and with whom. Children from birth to six prefer to work side by side with friends. Elementary age children need social interactions and learn in groups. The teen craves a community of peers.

The Montessori environments are designed to encourage learning about working and playing in a community appropriate to each successive developmental stage. Children develop strong social skills as a result.

Montessori is Individual

The Montessori curriculum is customised to the unique needs of each individual child and their stage of development. Rather than the child following a strict curriculum for the entire class, the Montessori curriculum follows the interests and skill-level of each child. The result is that the child is never left behind, nor is the child bored from lessons that are not sufficiently advanced. A Montessori child is constantly striving to achieve success in increasingly difficult pursuits, which sets them up for success later in life.

Montessori at IMS is Dual-language

At IMS, the children are completely immersed in a truly dual-language Montessori environment. Each classroom is guided by two teachers, one a Putonghua-speaker and one an English-speaker who exclusively speak their native language to the children. The children are exposed to speaking, listening, reading and writing from the earliest ages in both English and Chinese, very naturally. Children are constantly picking up new vocabulary from their teacher and their peers in both languages.

In the Elementary programme, children attend separate small group Chinese lessons based on their ability. These lessons allow them to learn new vocabulary and skills to reinforce later in their dual-language classroom.

“For over a hundred years, Montessori has been called “education for life.” The wisdom of these words is only now becoming apparent. How do we build better brains? Help children find their purpose? Help every child maximize his or her life chances? More than ever before, the answers point to Montessori…”Dr. Steven Hughes, Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Why Montessori?

Choosing a school for your child may feel like an overwhelming decision! The good news is that Montessori can make all the difference to your child’s ability to successfully navigate our ever-changing world.

The Montessori education method was developed over years of research in classrooms, discovering how children learned and developed. As a result, the Montessori curriculum and classroom activities meet the different development needs for the growing person each step of the way, giving your child the opportunity to explore their own passions, while guiding them to develop the skills they need to be successful in school and in life. The opportunity to learn in such a natural way could be the greatest gift you can give your child.

Come see for yourself! For most parents, the idea of motivated learning, choice, brain development, kinesthetic learning sounds good, however you may have lots of questions - Does it really work? How can you have two teachers speaking two different languages? We encourage you to register for a tour to see our authentic Montessori learning environments and children in action to see the benefits first hand.

“One of the most urgent endeavours to be undertaken on behalf of the reconstruction of society is the reconstruction of education. It must be brought about by giving … children the environment which is adapted to their nature.”Maria Montessori