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About IMS

Welcome to Hong Kong's first Accredited Montessori Elementary School!

Established in 2002, our goal at IMS is to enable each child to fully develop his or her own individual gifts and talents within a caring, supportive, respectful, and bilingual learning community.

IMS provides the highest quality education possible in a child-oriented, creative and bilingual learning environment that nourishes each child’s innate desire to learn and discover, enabling each child to move at his or her own pace and to reach their own highest potential.



Our History

IMS was established by a group of parents and professionals searching for an educational environment for our children which was child-centred, yet fostered strong preparation for their future competitive world. We also wanted our children to be bilingual. One of the parents had experienced the magic of Montessori as an older child, and we chose the Montessori Method, an internationally recognised education method.

IMS opened its doors in 2002 to 68 children ages 3-12 in a cosy campus on Queen’s Road East, pioneering an authentic Montessori English/Mandarin Chinese dual-language programme. Today our community has grown to become one of the largest Montessori schools in the world, and continues to lead the way in developing an immersive dual-language programme. From our original campus in Wanchai, we have expanded to four locations that serve all the major catchments of Hong Kong Island.


Our Future

As we watch our graduates discuss what they have experienced and learned at IMS, we are so proud to have been able to participate in this unique education. Our graduates have the confidence, competence and independence to handle life’s challenges We have been overwhelmingly successful in fulfilling our vision – to build a diverse international school community in Hong Kong that is dedicated to the education and growth of children and their families.

IMS is dedicated to assisting children in the process of becoming the next generation of leaders who are well-educated, self-actualised individuals, committed to and capable of contributing to the betterment of the world. At IMS, we aim to cultivate children who :

  • Have a lifelong love of learning and an exploring mind
  • Are happy, self-confident, and comfortable with change
  • Are competent in synthesising and applying knowledge to better understand the world they live in
  • Communicate fluently in English and Chinese with joy and confidence
  • Are well prepared to embrace the challenges of a broad spectrum of secondary curricula.
  • Possess a strong moral compass and seek to contribute to society in a unique and individual way.

Commitment to Authentic Montessori

IMS is an authentic Montessori school, which follows the Montessori Pedagogy as defined by Dr. Maria Montessori and codified in the training offered by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). AMI is the original Montessori organisation founded in 1929 by Dr. Montessori herself. In an effort to ensure consistency and authenticity in our environments IMS almost exclusively hires AMI trained teachers.

Montessori education is designed to identify and meet the needs of a child at every stage of their development, and the latest research clearly shows that an authentic Montessori education results in better learning results.


IMC Accreditation


IMS was accredited by the International Montessori Council (IMC) in 2012. IMC is an international organisation of Montessori schools that was established to provide support for Montessori programmes worldwide.

IMC accreditation is a rigorous process meant to ensure that accredited schools maintain the highest level of commitment to authentic Montessori pedagogy, and maintain professional and teaching standards. Schools are examined by dozens of criteria in nine standards, including governance, curriculum, human resource practices, and facilities maintenance. IMC accreditation is a guarantee that an institution has met the highest professional expectations in all standards and criteria. IMS is the first accredited Montessori Elementary Programme in Greater China and a pioneering Montessori institution in Asia.