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Welcome from our Founders!

In 2002, the idea of opening a school that offered each child the opportunity to reach his or her own potential without limits through the Montessori curriculum in a Dual-Language setting, was a dream. Today, we know that this unique approach to learning and developing does indeed give our children exactly what we dreamt about, and so much more than we imagined. It is a joy to witness the sheer volume of possibilities the Montessori environment enables for each child, and to hear the natural mix of English and Putonghua ringing out in the hallways and classrooms at IMS.

All the research about the benefits of Montessori on the developing child’s brain is borne out each day in our classrooms - and at home. Our children are quickly calmer at home and proud of what they are doing at school. Parents are hearing (some report for the first time) "Let me do it myself!" from children who are excited by newfound abilities and independence. Our older children are investigating areas of interest and asking intelligent, imaginative questions which are making a difference in our learning community. Each year we watch our oldest children blossom into considerate, thoughtful, creative and deeply able leaders, who are eager to take on new responsibilities.

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to build such a special school community, together with such culturally diverse and passionate parents, faculty, staff and children.

Thank you for being part of the IMS Community!

Anne Sawyer & Karin Ann

School Founders

          As we witness it ourselves, it so clearly is.....

A natural way to learn...          


“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.”

Maria Montessori