Foundation Groups

The two-year-old is a little person! The child at this age is learning to act independently and attempting new things, so it is important to provide them with the opportunities and the environment in which they can explore, experiment, and learn how to be successful. At this age, the child shows the first signs of self-concept and self-esteem, becomes fiercely independent, and demonstrates the ability to cooperate. Age-appropriate work completely absorbs the child and fulfils his or her urge to explore the world.

The Foundation Groups at IMS provide children with a language-rich opportunity to explore the environment, build their attention and lay the groundwork for the development of strong self-confidence and independence. Opportunities are provided to explore the world through meaningful work modeled by the adults in the environment. The  teachers prepare an environment rich in exploration opportunities, with particular emphasis on age-appropriate work in Practical Life, and the beginnings of Sensorial exploration. English-speaking and Chinese-speaking teachers provide a dual language environment which establishes strong foundations for the child’s development by modeling approaches which can be mirrored at home. This experience provides an opportunity to determine how the Montessori philosophy can be enacted at home and in future school life.

While not required for admission to IMS, participation in these Groups provides a strong foundation which provides a more seamless transition to the Casa dei Bambini classroom. Children participating in the Foundation Groups have priority of placement in an IMS Casa dei Bambini classroom upon acceptance to the school.

“…The child’s mind can acquire culture at a much earlier age than is generally supposed, but his way of taking in knowledge is by certain kinds of activity which involve movement.”
-Montessori parent


“Help me do it myself!”

The IMS Foundation Groups are designed as a yearlong programme offering development opportunities for children who are 2 and older. The child explores the scientifically prepared environment alongside a Montessori teacher, who guides the child, and conducts carefully planned activities that lead the child to joyful participation in a community, which builds high self-esteem, inner security, socialisation skills,  sensory-motor skills, and abiding habits of concentration.

Each group has a maximum of 16 children, guided by an English-speaking and a Mandarin-speaking teacher, one of whom is a trained Montessori teacher. A parent or caregiver must be available in these Groups at all times.

Read more about the details of our Foundation Programme curriculum.

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