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"Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core."

Maria Montessori

Foundation Groups

The two-year-old is a little person! The child at this age is becoming fiercely independent and is attempting new things. It is important to provide them with the chance to explore, experiment, and learn how to master their environment for themselves. Experiencing success is critically important to the developing self-concept and self-esteem. Age-appropriate work completely absorbs the child and fulfills his or her immense thirst for knowledge.

The IMS Foundation Groups are designed as a year-long initiative offering development opportunities for children age 2 and older. In the Foundation Groups, we provide children with the opportunity to explore and discover in a Dual-Language Montessori environment, allowing them the chance to try to do things for themselves. This meaningful, real work helps build attention and cultivates a deep and authentic sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and independence.

English-speaking and Chinese-speaking teachers provide a setting which establishes strong foundations for the child’s development by modeling approaches to learning and social situations which can be mirrored at home.

The highly trained teachers prepare an environment rich in opportunities to explore the world through meaningful work modeled by the adults. This work is specially adapted to the developing motor skills of the 2-3 year old child, and is familiar to the important work the toddler sees the adults and older children doing at home.

This experience, which has emphasis on work in Practical Life and the beginnings of Sensorial exploration, provides an opportunity to determine how the Montessori philosophy can be enacted at home and in future school life.

The Elements of the Foundation Groups


Sensorial exercises are vital to help a child develops his or her mathematical mind.

Practical Life

These activities emphasise the care of self for these young ones.

Grace & Courtesy

Modeling of gracious actions help the very young child to absorb social structures.

Support at Home

Montessori is a way of life. Join IMS’ Matthew Sneyd & Jennifer Yu as we talk with parents about Surviving & Thriving with your preschooler during the global pandemic in a 4-part Workshop series:

• 03:10   Understand the needs of your preschooler
• 05:19   Take advantage of your home to maximise learning
• 06:24   Learning through doing
• 26:55   Activities that will keep your preschooler entertained
• 27:46   How to cope with cabin fever

Setting up little ones for success in daily Routines:
• 02:33  Bedtime
• 18:08 Healthy Eating
• 34:34 Learning to use the Toilet

• 02:23 Toddlers and preschoolers are compelled to touch and grasp everything around them, and are almost always on the move
• 09:30 How do parents safely and constructively support this necessary part of development?

Infusing everyday activities with language that expands vocabulary growth, curiosity and cognitive development:
• 01:04 Using language to set your child up with a positive, proactive growth mindset
• 07:53 The importance of reading to your little one as a predictor of outcomes

...The child's mind can acquire culture at a much earlier age than is generally supposed, but his way of taking in knowledge is by certain kinds of activity which involve movement

Maria Montessori -