"There is no limit to what we can accomplish for our children when our community of teachers, leadership, alumni, parents and students come together"
IMS Parent


Welcome to our warm and vibrant IMS community!  Our wonderful PTA events throughout the year create a very special environment for our families, bringing families together to make valuable friendships for life.

All IMS Parents and Teachers are members of the IMS PTA, and we would not be able to successfully operate without the tremendous support of our enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers! 

All IMS Parents and Teachers are members of the IMS PTA, and we would not be able to successfully operate without the tremendous support of our enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers! 

We warmly encourage all parents to get involved. See more about our events below and sign up here to learn more.

We are proud of IMS’ uniquely friendly community and we welcome you to experience it too.  Hope to see you around our campuses!


Allie, Regina, Susanne, Yan, Yihan, Xing, and Casey

PTA Mission

The PTA collaborates closely with parents, teachers and the school management to:

– Provide a forum for parents and teachers to exchange views for the overall benefit of students at IMS

– Promote a sense of community among the teachers, parents, and students

– Enhance the educational environment at IMS

– Encourage parents to actively participate in IMS programmes and activities

– Assist in fundraising for PTA and school programmes

How the PTA Works

There are many ways to get involved in IMS Life! The IMS PTA was established to support IMS’ special community of teachers, students, and families, led by an elected Executive Board.  

Whether you have an hour or more time, there are many ways to get involved with PTA events, where you can meet fellow IMS families and further enrich the school environment for our children.

All IMS Parents and Teachers are members of the PTA! The PTA would not be able to successfully operate without the tremendous support of our parent community. We warmly encourage all parents to get involved for however much time they have available, whether it is a few hours a year or a few hours a month.

Composed of representatives from each campus, these members are elected for the following positions: Co-Chairs (2), Secretary, Treasurer and Co-Community Liaisons (2). The Board meets regularly with IMS’ Executive Committee to discuss school policies, community building events, community feedback and more. During the last PTA AGM held in April 2021 and the EGM held in August 2021, the new Committee was voted in by IMS parents:

A PBL manages the campus’ Class Parent chat, connects closely with the IMS Campus Leader, organizes campus-wide volunteer initiatives and communicates between respective campus communities and the PTA Board.

At Stanley, Aldrich Bay, Mid-levels and South Horizons campuses, parent Library Coordinators organize volunteers, the Birthday Book program, library themes and work with our IMS School Librarian, Ms Coco, to provide an exciting library program throughout the school.

Each Class has 2-3 Class Parents who (1) work closely with your child’s teacher to organize class-wide events (i.e. virtual and in-person events, cooking, parties, gardening, going out activities, teacher gifts and more) and (2) collaborate with the campus community as a whole and the campus leader on policies and school initiatives and (3) communicate with the PTA Board Liaisons (PBLs) and the PTA Board.

Many PTA activities have Event Committee Chairs to manage the event and the volunteers at that event. Never run an event before? Join us to learn how!

  • Library Volunteers
    The IMS Library was founded by the PTA 20 years ago, and parent volunteers have been welcoming children ever since! We Help the kids find books, and read to them - in both English and Chinese.
  • Amazing Race / School Picnic
    The 20th Anniversary Amazing Race gets IMS families together and enjoying the lovely weather in Stanley! Teams compete to learn about IMS history!
  • Memory Book
    A Book to treasure forever takes a huge amount of work behind the scenes. If you have editorial, photography, and / or design skills, join us!
  • IMS Newsletter
    The PTA Newsletter is a gift of love! We interview teachers, share news, and celebrate IMS Life from the parent's perspective.
  • International Festival
    A favorite for our community! Everyone dresses up in national dress, passports get stamped, food is devoured, cultural dances are taught and great fun is had by all!
  • Speaker Events
    Each year we ask an expert to come speak with our parents about hot topics such as discipline, encouraging a reader, and more!
  • Appreciaton Events
    We couldn't do it without you! We celebrate our Teachers! We celebrate our incredible Volunteers who keep everything working - and fun!
  • Second-hand Uniform Sales
    Important! Buying second-hand uniforms is one way we can help. Volunteer to help sort, size and sell!